Wholesale Pricing Tiers

(Bounce) Back-To-Basics


$400-$1,000 per month
$1,600-$4,000 per quarter

  • Unlimited Masterclasses
  • First insights on new products, access to purchase before public
  • Invite to exclusive events happening in your area
  • One complimentary product of choice per month—by request

40% OFF


+ Access to additional
wholesale promotions

(Pre) Game-Changer


$1,000-1,500 per month
or $6,000-$20,000 per quarter

  • Unlimited Masterclasses
  • Everything in Back to Basics
  • Complimentary CLEARSTEM Swag
  • Affiliate Code for products kick back based on sales 
  • Four complimentary product of choice per month-by request

45% OFF


+ Access to additional
wholesale promotions

(Hydra) Glow Getter


$5,000+ per month
$22,000+ per quarter

  • Unlimited Masterclasses
  • Everything in Game Changer
  • Once a year virtual dinner, hang out, brain pick/dump and Q&A with other (HYDRA)  Glow-Getters, Danielle and/or Kayleigh.
  • Exclusive invite to CLEARSTEM yearly retreat—based on availability 

50% OFF


+ Access to additional
wholesale promotions


*Sales will be tallied up at the end of every quarter (every 3 months)--Please reach out at this time to see which tier you qualify for. Our Wholesale Department will try their best to keep track of each account and the tiers they currently reside in.

*At this time, we do not have a system to track or remind our Wholesale Department when accounts are due for any perks. Please reach out to wholesale@clearstemskincare.com to request your perks according to your sales tier such as
-Free monthly products
-Complimentary CLEARSTEM Swag
-Access to new products before launch

*All past classes are available in your wholesale partner G-Drive: accessed on your account platform under “Resources”. You will receive an invite via email to any future, live classes, trainings and Q&A’s

*If you notice something that seems off about your discount, perks, etc. simply reach out to wholesale@clearstemskincare.com with any questions and concerns. We will double check your eligibility and make account updates as needed.

*If you are eligible for an affiliate code–these will be operated and maintained by a partner of ours. You will receive a link to sign up, then you will receive complimentary product kickbacks based on your affiliate sales

**Please note that this is VERY new to the Wholesale Department, so there may be some learning curves on this.

*You can ALWAYS place drop shipping orders directly from your account–Simply update the shipping address at checkout to your customer address. You charge them full retail and collect the money, then purchase the products at your discount.

*Unfortunately, not. Your direct CLEARSTEM Wholesale account and Faire purchases, operate on completely different sales tracking channels, therefore; the tracking cannot be combined. If you really want to focus on your sales tiers–purchase directly from CLEARSTEM on your wholesale account!

*Unfortunately, not. Our retail accounts have their own set up perks and requirements. If you feel like you are not receiving adequate discounting or perks, please reach out to wholesale@clearstemskincare.com