SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion
SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion
SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion
SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion
SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion
SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion

SOFTSKIN™ Body Lotion

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SOFTSKIN body lotion will make body breakouts a thing of the past. This hydrating blend of soothing botanicals has zero toxins and zero pore cloggers, so it’s safe enough to use even on those sensitive, acne-prone areas.
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Apply liberally to the skin as needed! Best if used post-shower to seal in hydration and before bedtime to prevent skin dehydration.

Real Ingredients. Real Results


• People who struggle with Acne

• People who want anti-aging skincare products 

• People who are looking for a skincare line that wont clog their pores

• People looking for a non-toxic skincare line

• People who want to heal their skin from the inside out, and the outside in

• People who love educating themselves about acne, skin, nutrition and so much more. 

• Estheticians and medical spa professionals

• Retailers who jive well with our values 

• People who are obsessed with wellness

• Those looking for a community of others who know what they are going through and have had similar experiences

• Someone who wants to join a family who is as passionate about skincare and wellness as they are. 

10 Advantages of CLEARSTEM

• A skincare brand that is both anti-acne AND anti-aging

• The first of it’s kind–Anyone can use this line 

• Zero hormone disruptors

• Non-toxic

• A community of like minded individuals who are equally passionate about skincare and wellness. 

• Real people, real results. 

• Gluten free

• Vegan

• Cruelty free

• Made in the USA