Sulfur SPOT & MASK
Sulfur SPOT & MASK
Sulfur SPOT & MASK
Sulfur SPOT & MASK
Sulfur SPOT & MASK

Sulfur SPOT & MASK

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Sulfur SPOT&MASK is a powerful sulfur spot treatment (& mask) made of clay, zinc, sulfur, and glycolic. This powerful blend of key ingredients starts to zap whiteheads and bacteria in a matter of minutes and can also be used as a preventative mask.
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This formula is your secret weapon that can be used as a stand-alone spot treatment or as a preventative mask!

To use as a spot treatment, apply a layer to areas of excess oil or congestion and avoid putting anything else on top of that area.

To use as a preventative mask, apply on clean skin for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Follow with the rest of your normal routine.

Do not use if you have broken, irritated skin or if the spot is just a scar. This is best used for active, inflamed spots or areas of congestion or oil! Ideal for combination, acne-prone, and oily skin.


• People who struggle with Acne

• People who want anti-aging skincare products 

• People who are looking for a skincare line that wont clog their pores

• People looking for a non-toxic skincare line

• People who want to heal their skin from the inside out, and the outside in

• People who love educating themselves about acne, skin, nutrition and so much more. 

• Estheticians and medical spa professionals

• Retailers who jive well with our values 

• People who are obsessed with wellness

• Those looking for a community of others who know what they are going through and have had similar experiences

• Someone who wants to join a family who is as passionate about skincare and wellness as they are. 

10 Advantages of CLEARSTEM

• A skincare brand that is both anti-acne AND anti-aging

• The first of it’s kind–Anyone can use this line 

• Zero hormone disruptors

• Non-toxic

• A community of like minded individuals who are equally passionate about skincare and wellness. 

• Real people, real results. 

• Gluten free

• Vegan

• Cruelty free

• Made in the USA